Truly Custom

The word custom is thrown around a lot in the cabinetry business. Cabinets made by Mint Hill Cabinets truly are custom. Our custom cabinets are produced by highly skilled craftsmen in our state-of-the-art facility in Monroe, NC.  Our design team can help you achieve the exact look you desire in your new cabinets.


Also known as frameless cabinetry, Euro style cabinetry is the newer way of creating cabinets. Because these cabinets do not have a frame, they work very well for maximizing usable space.

Full Overlay

Very similar to Euro cabinets in appearance, Full Overlay cabinets offer many of the same benefits as Euro. These cabinets have a frame but the frame widths are minimized to maximize usable space.

Flush Inset

Both Euro and Full Overlay cabinets have doors that cover the majority of cabinet. Flush Inset doors fit inside the frame openings. This provides a very smooth and clean look. The downside is less usable storage space, and they cost 15% – 20% more than Euro or Full Overlay cabinets.

Beaded Inset

These cabinets have the doors inside their openings like Flush Inset, but have a bead machined around the frame opening. This creates a very attractive look. These cabinets cost 25% – 30% more than Euro or Full Overlay cabinets.


Most of the cabinets we stain are made from hard maple, alder, walnut, cherry or white oak. We can also order other species of wood including exotic woods if your project demands a unique look that those can’t provide.


We offer many standard paint and stain finishes to choose from. If you can’t find the color you need in our standard selection, we can create a custom finish to achieve the look you desire.