Factory Cabinets

Designers Choice Cabinetry builds beautifully crafted cabinets of the highest quality wood and materials, including the best American hardwoods, and are offered in a variety of styles, colors and finishes.  Some of our customers employ these cabinets in upstairs baths or laundry rooms to lower the overall cost of the project.  For more information, contact us or check out their website: http://dccabinetry.com/ 

NatureKast provides cabinets specifically made for exterior use.  They’re made of PVC and resin, so they can withstand the elements, and they are backed with a lifetime warranty.  If you’re looking for cabinets that have the look of teak or cypress, but will hold up like stainless steel cabinets, we highly recommend NatureKast.  For more information, contact us or check out their website: https://www.naturekast.com/.